• Margaret Simons Chair of Research

    Margaret Simons is the Chair of Research and member of the board of directors.

  • Jason Bosland University of Melbourne

    Associate Professor Jason Bosland is Deputy Director of the Centre for Media and Communications Law at Melbourne Law School.

  • Axel Bruns Queensland University of Technology

    Professor Axel Bruns is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow and Professor in the Digital Media Research Centre at Queensland University of Technology.

  • Andrea Carson La Trobe University

    Andrea Carson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics, Media and Philosophy at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

  • Andrew Dodd University of Melbourne

    Associate Professor Andrew Dodd is the Director of the Centre for Advancing Journalism at the University of Melbourne.

  • Kristy Hess Deakin University

    Associate Professor Kristy Hess is a leading academic in local news and digital journalism.

  • Sora Park University of Canberra

    Professor Sora Park is Associate Dean of Research at the Faculty of Arts & Design, University of Canberra.

  • Julian Thomas RMIT University

    Professor Julian Thomas is Director of the Technology, Communications and Policy Lab in RMIT University’s Digital Ethnography Research Centre.

  • Glenn Withers Australian National University

    Glenn Withers is an Economics Professor at the Australian National University and an Adjunct Professor at the University of New South Wales.

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