An informed and active citizenry is crucial to our democracy, yet public interest journalism is now indisputably in crisis.

The flight of advertising dollars to digital platforms has precipitated a collapse in the established business model and, Australia, like many other countries, has yet to find durable solutions.

Therefore, after consultations with publishers, editors, philanthropists, business leaders, policy-makers and researchers, PIJI has been established to ensure Australia develops a sustainable ecosystem of independent, pluralistic, public interest journalism.

In a three to five year concentrated endeavour, PIJI will support informed debate with credible research, and will work independently and collaboratively to develop rigorous public policy options.

PIJI expects new possibilities to include:

  • Nurturing new business models
  • Making it much easier for relevant media to access philanthropic support
  • Looking at fiscal incentives such as access to tailored tax offsets
  • Working through the possibility of direct government support.

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