An informed public is crucial to our democracy.

Public interest journalism reports the information the public is entitled to know. It holds authority to account and is a vital pillar of any democracy.

PIJI is mobilising public concern and shaping the policies needed to sustain public interest journalism in Australia.

PIJI aims to

  • Establish a network of expertise across research, strategy, industry, philanthropy and communications to generate ideas, inform the work and test options.
  • Aggregate and analyse existing research, as well as identify and fill critical gaps to develop robust policy responses.
  • Stimulate workable policy proposals and sustainable business models.
  • Track and analyse ongoing public interest journalism developments in business, government and social sectors.
  • Develop PIJI as a focus point for public concern and develop sound commentary, reporting and creation of resources.
  • Engage directly in policy development with key political decision-makers, media industry players, as well as business, academic and community leaders.

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