Australian Newsroom Mapping Project:
Research reports and data

On this page you will find research and data collected in The Australian Newsroom Mapping Project; an ongoing program of research to document and monitor the production of public interest journalism around the country.

Each month PIJI releases a narrative report detailing changes made in the database, as well as a data sheet as it stood at the end of the month. The narrative report discusses the evidence for changes that were made and how the project design influences them.

This is supported by a quarterly analysis of broader trends observed across the landscape. These reports are included in the March, June, September and December reports.

Local news publisher data is included in data releases starting in March 2022.

Current report and data

17 June 2022

Gary Dickson, Research & Projects Manager, Public Interest Journalism Initiative

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Data usage

The Australian Newsroom Mapping Project is an ongoing effort by the Public Interest Journalism Initiative to build and maintain data about news production and availability across the country. The data is made publicly available on a Creative Commons license to ensure that it can inform research and policy to support the news media.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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The onset of COVID-19 and other upheavals in the Australian news media landscape have unveiled the rapidly diminishing production of public interest journalism in Australia, particularly in coverage of our councils, parliaments, and courts. PIJI’s research show’s regional and rural communities have been most adversely affected, with emerging local news gaps in print and online at the forefront of concern.

PIJI’s comprehensive research has become a leading point of reference for examining the state of public interest journalism production and availability in Australia. This means we now have a unique opportunity for systemic industry reform, using our Australia-first data to guide short and long-term policy ideas into action.

Public interest journalism in Australia plays a critical role in our democracy. PIJI’s research is uncovering indicators of a lack of media plurality and diversity across Australia. This research has the power to help communities and decision makers create effective media policies and interventions that improve the quality and provision of public interest journalism in Australia.

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