PIJI seeking philanthropic organisations for research participation

PIJI is seeking philanthropic trusts, foundations or donors that have funded or considered funding public interest journalism in Australia to participate in our next major research project,  Philanthropic Giving For Journalism.

This project is investigating the potential for philanthropic support for this essential democratic infrastructure. It is the second in a series of research projects focussed on taxation reform to support public interest journalism. Our first investigation examined industry tax rebates.

Project partners are Philanthropy Australia, Pro Bono Australia and Australian Communities Foundation.

We are asking funders to participate in a confidential one-on-one interview or focus group. Research is being conducted through February- March.

In order to participate, you / your organisation:

  • Is currently giving to news sector organisations; or
  • has considered proposals to fund news (regardless of the outcome of the proposal); or
  • is open to funding news in the future or with other incentives.

To nominate your interest in participating in this research, please contact our Research and Projects Manager Gary Dickson.

You can read more about our Philanthropic Giving For Journalism project.

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