Investigating taxation reform

The Public Interest Journalism Initiative’s ongoing program of research into taxation models follows the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s recommendation of incentives to support public interest journalism, made in its Digital Platforms Inquiry.

PIJI is investigating three areas of taxation reform for public interest journalism:

Public Interest Journalism Tax Rebate

Research suggests that an R&D-style tax rebate for public interest journalism could have a significant positive investment impact. Conservative analysis suggests a benefit-cost ratio of up to 1.90, and as much as $356m additional benefit.

This program of work consists of analysis of the potential of a rebate and guidance on how to implement and claim such a scheme.

Philanthropic giving for journalism

Multiple government and regulatory inquiries have examined the financial difficulties facing the news industry over the past decade. A recurring recommendation of these inquiries is to provide incentives for philanthropic giving to the news sector, but the potential impact of such incentives is under-studied.

This research involves interviews with donors and news organisations to better understand the potential of philanthropy for journalism.

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