The Public Interest Journalism Initiative is documenting the changes in news availability around Australia, from media companies to mastheads, newsrooms and stations. We need your help to gather that information. If the local paper stops publishing or a new digital publication starts covering your community, let us know: fill out the form below, or send us an email.

We’re currently collecting information from 1 January 2019, but we’ll add more data from previous years soon.

We want to make sure that researchers, policy-makers and everybody with an interest in securing a future for public interest journalism have access to as much information as they need. The data that we’re collecting for this map is open for public use, and we’ll update it at the end every month.

If you’re using this data, or have ideas for how we should, let us know.

Submit a tip

Is something happening to a newsroom in your community? You can use the form below to tell us, or email us directly. Please be sure to give as much detail as you can so that we can follow up – only verified changes will appear on the map.

If you see something on Twitter, be sure to tag us so that we see it too.

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