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Local councils move into online news to beat the media at its own game

MediaWatch, ABC | 5 August 2019

Facebook commits to funding Australian news content

B&T Magazine | 5 August 2019

How the AFR is adapting to dislocation in media

Greg Bright, IO&C | 5 August 2019

Why investigative reporting in the digital age is waving, not drowning

Andrea Carson, The Conversation | 5 August 2019

How councils are future-proofing themselves against shrinking regional media

Hannah Blackiston, Mumbrella | 1 August 2019

Should Australia Tax Tech Giants More? Expert Calls For Change As France Announces Major Reforms

Edward Pollitt, B&T | 12 July 2019

Tax cuts coverage ignored substance, focused on trivia

Bernard Keane, Crikey | 8 July 2019

Great disappearing act: ABC to shutter public access to thousands of regional stories

Emily Watkins, Crikey | 28 June 2019

News from Charles Sturt U could be the new news

Stephen Matchett, Campus Morning Mail | 28 June 2019

It may be news to Google, but Democracy is at stake

Adam Creighton, The Australian | 24 June 2019

‘YouTube going off as a news source’: Australians among world’s most likely to share dodgy articles

Jennifer Duke, Sydney Morning Herald | 12 June 2019

The urgent need for media literacy in an age of annihilation

Jennifer Ellen Good, The Conversation | 11 June 2019

Artificial intelligence-enhanced journalism offers a glimpse of the future of the knowledge economy

Nicholas Diakopoulos, The Conversation | 11 June 2019

Carmel O’Toole, The Conversation | 22 May 2019

Judith Neilson calls for reforms to aid philanthropy’s role in journalism
Lilly Vitorovich, The Australian | 4 March 2019

Cairncross review: two cheers and two fears for the future of UK journalism
Steven Barnett, The Conversation | 14 February 2019


Public funds should be used to rescue local journalism, says report
Jim Waterson, The Guardian | 12 February 2019

Journalism should be free
Mari Cohen and Christian Belanger, The Outline | 6 February 2019

When newspapers close, voters become more partisan
Joshua P. Darr, Johanna Dunaway, Matthew P. Hitt, The Conversation | 11 February 2019

BuzzFeed job cuts highlight crisis facing journalism worldwide
Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance | 30 January 2019

No, tech companies shouldn’t fund journalism
James Ball, Columbia Journalism Review | 16 January 2019

How celebrity non-experts and amateur opinion could change the way we acquire knowledge
Ashley Morgan, The Conversation | 2 January 2019

How to keep the news coming
Ross Gittins, Sydney Morning Herald | 19 December 2018

Tech giants need to take more responsibility for the advertising that makes them billions
Sarah Glozer, The Conversation | 8 December 2018

3 ways Facebook and other social media companies could clean up their acts – if they wanted to
Anthony M. Nadler and Matthew Crain, The Conversation | 7 December 2018

Journalism’s Assange problem
Kathy Kiely & Laurel Leff, The Conversation | April 16 2019

Goodbye Google+, but what happens when online communities close down?
Stan Karanasios, The Conversation  |  April 4 2019

What could come from the Huluization of news by Apple? 
Andrew Oram, LinkedIn | 26 Mar 2019

Australians’ trust in politicians and democracy hits an all-time low: new research
Mark Evans, Gerry Stoker and Max Halpuka, The Conversation | 5 December 2018

Four journalists, one newspaper: Time Magazine’s Person of the Year recognises the global assault on journalism
Peter Greste, The Conversation | December 12, 2018 2.03pm AEDT

The ACCC’s plan to reshape the media landscape
Margaret Simons, Inside Story | 11 December 2018

Starving the watchdog
Shankar Vedantam, The Hidden Brain | 10 December 2018


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Australian Competition & Consumer Commission | 10 December 2018

Digital News Report
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ACCC Inquiry Into Digital Platforms | February 2019

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