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More newsroom changes in September

The Australian news landscape continues to change, accoding to the latest report from PIJI’s Australian Newsroom Mapping Project.


Contribute to local news research

PIJI is building a database of all local news producers in Australia, and we need your help.


Philanthropic giving for journalism

New research investigates the potential and the limitations of philanthropic giving to public interest journalism.


Queensland shield law submission

Source protection is a core component of public interest journalism, therefore PIJI supports the establishment of a shield law in Queensland, according to our response to the  state government consultation.




The onset of COVID-19 and other upheavals in the Australian news media landscape are leading to vastly reduced coverage of key areas like our councils, parliaments and courts. Local newsrooms, stations, services and jobs are rapidly disappearing across the country.

We now have a unique opportunity for systemic industry reform. Through our research we’re developing short and long-term policy ideas to ensure a future for public interest journalism.

Measures to sustain public interest journalism need community support if they are to be successful. Our research informs public discussion, providing essential data and helping to better understand the community’s value of news as a public good.

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