Want to know more about the crisis in public interest journalism? Our research is a good place to start, and here’s some more recommended reading.

Local news

Availability of local news and information
Margaret Simons & Gary Dickson | 16 June 2019

Local councils move into online news to beat the media at its own game
Media Watch, ABC | 5 August 2019

Great disappearing act: ABC to shutter public access to thousands of regional stories
Emily Watkins, Crikey | 28 June 2019

When newspapers close, voters become more partisan
Joshua P. Darr, Johanna Dunaway, Matthew P. Hitt, The Conversation | 11 February 2019


Media Files: Australian’s trust in news media is falling as concern about ‘fake news’ grows
Caroline Fisher, Andrea Carson and Matthew Ricketson, The Conversation | 20 June 2019

Australians’ trust in politicians and democracy hits an all-time low: new research
Mark Evans, Gerry Stoker and Max Halpuka, The Conversation | 5 December 2018

Accurate. Objective. Transparent. Australians identify what they want in trustworthy media
Sacha Molitorisz, The Conversation | 26 September 2018

Trust and news media in Australia
Peter Fray, Sacha Molitorisz and Claire Marshall | September 2018

Paying for journalism

How the AFR is adapting to dislocation in media
Greg Bright, IO&C | 5 August 2019

Public funds should be used to rescue local journalism, says report
Jim Waterson, The Guardian | 12 February 2019

How to keep the news coming
Ross Gittins, Sydney Morning Herald | 19 December 2018

The ACCC’s plan to reshape the media landscape
Margaret Simons, Inside Story | 11 December 2018

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