Investigating a sustainable future for public interest journalism


The Public Interest Journalism Initiative is an Australian-first: the only think tank in the country dedicated to researching the health and sustainability of public interest journalism in Australia.

Public interest journalism is a public good; it is the accurate, reliable news and journalism at the heart of public discussion, diversity of voice, open justice, accountability and informed decision-making. It educates, inspires and brings together communities.

PIJI is committed to ensuring that this practice can continue for generations of Australians to come, and is proud of our impact to date. Our research revealed the true state of public interest journalism around the country, including the closures of hundreds of media outlets over the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, and the further consolidation of the sector in many places.

Our research informs our policy proposals and submissions to government and other authorities in areas that impact the state or production of public interest journalism.

Since 2019, we have:

Our flagship research endeavour, the Australian News Data Project, can be found

As a not for profit, we rely on your support to keep our impactful work going. We appreciate your support.