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Andrea Carson

Andrea Carson is a Professor of Political Communication at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. She has authored numerous articles on investigative journalism, Australian politics, election campaigns and digital media.

Her most recent co-authored book is Australian Politics in the Twenty-First Century: Old Institutions, New Challenges (2018). Andrea is part of an Australian Research Council funded Discovery project (2018-2021) using big data to understand political debate and policy decisions. She holds a PhD in Political Science and a Master of Arts in International Politics, both from the University of Melbourne.

She has taught courses on journalism, political communication, women in politics, and campaigns and elections. She worked as a newspaper journalist as a news editor and reporter at The Age in Melbourne from 1997-2001 and as a radio broadcaster at RRR and radio and television producer at the ABC from 2001-2010.

Andrea is a regular media commentator and examines the latest media trends each month for The Conversation’s ‘Media Files’ with colleagues Professor Matthew Ricketson and Associate Professor Andrew Dodd, available on iTunes.