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Mette Schepers

Mette is an experienced international financial and professional services executive with extensive experience working in, and with, highly regulated companies across both Australia, The Netherlands and the US.

Mette has held senior executive, board and advisory positions in large, small and global financial institutions and non-financial entities. Her previous positions include leadership of client and consumer businesses in the private sector, strategy development and risk management for community organisations, and work for universities and government in strategy and policy with the Nous Group and PwC.

She has worked with and for the boards of 3MBS, 3PBS and in a voluntary capacity with the Modern and Contemporary Arts department of The Arts Institute of Chicago. She was a panel member of the Monash University Commission into Post Compulsory Education, the first of the University’s Commissions into Designing for the Future. She is currently on the board of Spatial Vision.

She is a chartered accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, Associate Degree in Design (Furniture) from RMIT and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from FINSIA. Mette is a graduate of the AICD.

Mette is also the Chair of the PIJI Finance and Risk Committee.