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Australian News Data Project

PIJI’s Australian News Data Project (ANDP) is a body of work designed to assess media diversity and plurality.

The ANDP helps to:

  • identify key issues and trends, particularly around any declines in the diversity and plurality of public interest journalism
  • identify communities in need, such as those in regional and remote areas which have been disproportionately affected by news reductions
  • check there is sufficient news infrastructure to keep communities safe during emergencies such as bushfires, floods, and pandemics
  • provide communities with a voice to demonstrate and shape their local news needs
  • help market entrants and new business models to identify and fill market gaps
  • determine policy design and effectiveness in delivering public returns
  • provide transparency and accountability surrounding government intervention – direct or indirect – through reporting public benefit, and,
  • assist broader discussions around acceptable minimum levels of news coverage.
For more information about the terms used within the project, view our Glossary. You can find out more about PIJI and our work in our FAQ.
An infographic showing how all the elements of the Australian News Data Project interact.

Usage & Citation

ANDP data is made publicly available on a Creative Commons license to ensure that it can inform research and policy to support the news media. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License which places only a few restrictions:

  • You must credit Gary Dickson, PIJI and the Australian News Data Project wherever you use the data.
  • You cannot use the data for commercial purposes.
  • Whatever you create using this data you should share on a similar license. Note that this condition may not apply where the findings of the data are being cited in a research or policy context.

CITATION: Dickson G. 2020. Australian News Data Project. Melbourne: Public Interest Journalism Initiative. <>

Eligibility Requirements

This report outlines PIJI’s criteria for inclusion in the Australian News Data Project.

Without an industry standard definition of ‘news’, PIJI has developed our independent guidelines to best align our research findings to journalism that contributes to the public good.

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