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The Nature of the Editorial Deficit

November 14, 2019

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This research project, The Nature of the Editorial Deficit,  sheds light on the nature of the editorial deficit in different kinds of Australian newsrooms and gains insight into how editors and newsroom managers would deploy additional journalistic resources, should they become available.

Key Findings

The Nature of the Editorial Deficit finds that:

  • Data drawn from interviews suggest that declines in journalistic resources are seriously undermining the quantity and quality of information available to Australians;
  • These declines and the resultant limitations on the scope of news coverage, are also altering the relationship of local media, in particular, to their audience, and
  • All interview respondents said that increases in journalistic resources would be spent on increasing the breadth and depth of public interest journalism.

Project Details

This report was prepared by:

  • Gary Dickson, Research and Projects Manager, Public Interest Journalism Initiative
  • Dr Margaret Simons, Honorary fellow at the Centre for Advancing Journalism
  • Rachel Alembakis, journalist and the editor of The Sustainability Report and Audacious Investing

Citation: Simons, M., Dickson, G., & Alembakis, R. (2019)The Nature of the Editorial Deficit.

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