The Public Interest Journalism Initiative is documenting the changes in news availability around Australia, from media companies to mastheads, newsrooms and stations. We need your help to gather that information. If the local paper stops publishing or a new digital publication starts covering your community, let us know: send us an email.

Monthly reports

Beginning in 2021 we are releasing a monthly report with insights into the previous months’ changes, as well as broader trends seen across the entire data set. These reports should assist policy-makers, researchers and media to understand the growing database at a glance.

Gary Dickson, Research & Projects Manager, Public Interest Journalism Initiative

Get the data

The underlying data for this project is also available for public use. This database is updated regularly. For a snapshot of the data as it stood at the end of a particular month, please click here.

If you’re using this data, have an idea for how we should, or would like to contribute or correct an entry, please let us know.


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