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Availability of Local News and Information

June 14, 2019

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Key findings

The Availability of Local News and Information, 2019 State of the Regions Report finds that:

  • The availability of local news in the regions of Australia has sharply declined since 2014, and is likely to decline further;
  • Research suggests that journalistic deficits result in a reduction in accountability for interest groups and public institutions, and
  • Declines in the availability of local news, and the associated reductions in accountability, are a cause for concern.

Project Details

This report was prepared by:

  • Gary Dickson, Research and Projects Manager, Public Interest Journalism Initiative
  • Dr Margaret Simons, Honorary fellow at the Centre for Advancing Journalism

Citation: Simons, M., & Dickson, G. (2019). Availability of local news and information: 2019 state of the regions report.

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